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Our Online Cafe 

We are a small team with a big dream! Our goal is well portioned, fabulously packaged great tasting food. Look out for specials and an ever-changing menu. We started out in 2017 providing cakes & cupcakes but thought why limit ourselves? Our concept café allows us the scope to rotate and change our menu. As we have received help along our journey its only right to continue to pay it forward. Food remaining at close of business gets distributed to the homeless in the area. An example of our customer base is those needing an office platter lunch for a team meeting, those coming home from a night out, a group of friends with different diets who all want to order from the same place, those wanting platters for a party or event and those who enjoy afternoon tea. We really do believe we have something for everyone.


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Our products are inspired by the diversity of London’s rich cultural make up. Look out for products that spotlight food from the kitchens and streets of the UK, the Americas, Caribbean, Africa and Europe all presented the Just Fab way.

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